Sample release “Heart sign”
Download file to view previous pages As a religious symbol, it includes a powerful tug to express and convey a message to the one who has seen the greatness of God’s love for his children. In the Christian religion, the symbol of the Sacred Heart represents three trilogies; faith, hope and love. Forwarding four main messages; The movement of God toward humanity with the pure heart of Jesus, the movement of human hearts toward God, the union of the human heart with God, and the uniting of the hearts of men into holy fellowship and brotherhood. The ancient Egyptians called the sign of the heart Ieb (“Heart”), which was believed to be the source of all knowledge, the source of life itself. Heart religion is also used as an icon in other religions such as Buddhism, Islam, Taoism and so on. Normally, the heart was symbolized and understood as a human domain and human consciousness.
In the true manifestation of the human heart, however, are conveyed the unpleasant messages of death and violence, different from the usual messages associated with the figurative heart. Rare reports of cardiac symptoms are also present. For example, people from Sweden associate the sign of the heart with toilets or toilets and to relieve themselves.
The sign of the heart came from being religious images.
A sign of the heart has emerged from the use of slang language, the slang word “I ♥ U” (I love you or love you) is becoming popular today in expressing love or love at times the idea that the feeling is shallow or small.
Titled “The NY” (I love New York), it’s a well-known style icon that directly promotes the pride of New York cities.
No matter how the symbol of the heart is displayed or symbolized, its influence and power in religion and modern ideas cannot be denied. A brief look at the mark of the heart brings an unpleasant instant message of love, which reaches into love. In that case, it is constantly being used over time, changing very slowly and taking different paths, bringing new ideas.


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