The best Ethernet cables for 2020||Ethernet Cable||PUBG Redemption Shop


The best Ethernet cables for 2020||Ethernet Cable||PUBG Redemption Shop

If you still have Cat-5 or Cat-5e Ethernet cables in your home or office, upgrading them with new cables can increase your LAN speed. Whether you are replacing old wires or need Ethernet cables to set up new network connections, it is important to choose fast and reliable wires.

We have compared different products and recommend the best Ethernet cables for the Cat-5e, Cat-6, Cat-6a, and Cat-7 standards. We have also taken into account the length and bandwidth of these cables to get the right fit for your network.

And to learn: How to select an Ethernet cable


The best Ethernet cables at a glance
Vandesail Ethernet Cable – Cat 7
Mediabridge Ethernet Cable – Cat 6a
DanYee Nylon Braved Cable – 7th Cat
CableGeeker Flat Black 100FT Cable with Stick Beds – Cat 6
Cabinets Direct Online 30FT Cable – Cat 5e
Vandesail Ethernet Cable – Cat 7

Length: 16 feet
Max Bandwidth: 1,000MHz
The latest 7 cat cables to hit the telecommunications market and enable speeds of 10 gigabits per second (Gbps). The 16-foot Vandesail cable sticks to this level while supporting older Cat 6 and Cat 5. devices to complement its high performance flats that allow users to place cabling under carpets and rugs or slate an apartment against baseboards.


The Vandesail thread is ideal for many applications. It has four twisted sets of shock (oxygen-free copper) wrapped in aluminum foil and mounted on PVC material. Two secure copper connectors connect the gold contacts and clip protectors to prevent unwanted cutting.

Although we list the 16-foot version, the sizes range from 3 feet to 82 feet. You can buy a Vandesail cable in a two-pack on Amazon at the right price, so you get the cable twice for your money.

Mediabridge Ethernet Cable – Cat 6a

Length: 50 feet
Warranty: One year warranty
Max Bandwidth: 550MHz
While Mediabridge advertises this cable as “Cat 6,” the 10Gbps speed and 550MHz bandwidth included in the description suggest that it is a Cat 6a product. That means you’ll need an Ethernet port that supports either a Cat 6 Cat, a Cat 6, or a Cat 5e.


PUBG Redeeem:--


This cord consists of four twisted ribs that are separated by a polarity-linked connector. It also features gold contacts, a free Velcro strap, and a pair of MP distance coat. Ideal for high-definition video streaming, cloud computing, video surveillance, and other high-traffic applications.

Our list highlights the company’s 50-foot product


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