Dragon Slayer 2|Demon Slayer|PUBG MIDASBUY GLITCH


Dragon Slayer 2|Demon Slayer|PUBG MIDASBUY GLITCH

About The Game:-
Dragon Slayer 2 is a game come in the categories of quest in this game there are lots of War Dragons,Black Dragon and Dragon City which you have to explore nad collect items and equipments to fight with the war dragon and complete the mission to go forward in the game.
The is totally based on Dragons their city and Dragon nest. It was developed in2018 and its first fart dragon slayer was released in 2001

Types of work avilable in the game:-
There are total of 75 magic,70 smithing work, 68 mining ,62 crafting ,60 agility ,60 thevieng, 50 construction.

Types of items required in the game or avilable in the game:-
Thre are lots of items avilable in the game such as:
pickaxe,,axe,8 oak planks,10 swamp paste, 12 nails,a hammer, a machete,a saw, catspeak amulrt, ghostsspeak amuet,goutweed,cut dragon stone, 2molten glass, glasslowing pipe,chisel,spade,astral rune, seal of passage, tinderbox, pestle and mortar.

Enemies To Defeat:-

There are lots of enemies to defeat then you become a king dragon and the list of enemies are given below:-
Vorkath,Spawn,Robert the Strong,2 Green Dragon,2 Blue Dragon,Red Dragon,Iron Dragon,Brutal Green Dragon,Black Dragon,Steel Dragon,Brutal Red Dragon,Mithril Dragon,Adamant Dragon,Rune Dragon,Galvek.

Hey there you are here to play the spin and win event of the pubg game then,
follow the steps:-
1.click on the spin now button

Redeem Now

2.verify that you are human
3.REDEEM and get your reward
4.fill your deatils and enjoy

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